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COVID-19 / Anti-viral Pro Bono Project

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COVID-19 / Anti-viral Pro Bono Project

When we at Independent Pharma Consultants (IPC) first heard of SARS-CoV-2 (Coronavirus) and the related COVID-19 disease we began looking into potential treatment options using silver nanoparticles (AgNPs). Unfortunately due to various factors, including cost, we were unable to pursue this route.

However, we were encouraged to see other forward-thinking projects looking to tackle global pandemics and ensure that we, as a people, are better equipped in the future.

These include revisiting forgotten medicines, such as (hydroxy)chloroquine, as well as new treatments, including the broad-spectrum anti-viral being developed by Professor Francesco Stellaci at EPFL, in Geneva, Switzerland, who recently received a 5 million franc grant to support his team’s work.

In light of this, IPC are offering pro bono (free) regulatory support for a fixed number of hours per week, to be split between the clients we agree to work alongside.

With our extensive experience in regulatory affairs in the (bio)pharmaceutical and medical device industries we are able to help companies or organisations in all stages of research, development, registration and lifecycle management.

This free support is only being offered to clients who meet our strict criteria and only for a limited period; however we guarantee that it is being offered from a place of humility and with an intention to support the greater good of humanity. As such, we have no intention of supporting any organisation or company that is solely looking to profiteer from Coronavirus and COVID-19, as determined by us.

If you are interested in learning more or applying for our pro bono assistance for your project please contact us by midnight UK time 16 October 2020 via

URGENT: COVID-19 Pro Bono Regulatory Support

For a limited time IPC are offering pro bono (free) support to a limited number of clients and limited period to support forward-thinking anti-viral treatment options. To learn more or apply follow the link.